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Who Let the Logs Out?

Wednesday, October 27th at 2:00 PM ET

Join Mike Buehler and Eric Alford, senior engineers at Horizon3, as they share lessons learned improving security observability utilizing autonomous pentesting and the principle of “offense to inform defense.”

Key takeaways:

  1. Using autonomous pentesting to identify logging blind spots.

  2. Strategies to improve security observability.

  3. Tuning your SOC to improve detection.

About The Presenters:

Mike Buehler is a senior engineer at Horizon3, a Splunk certified architect, and former Public Sector Cloud and Core Tech Lead with the Splunk professional services team.

Eric Alford is a senior engineer at Horizon3 working on the SRE team, a Splunk certified architect, and former services consultant with ClearShark serving US Government and DoD customers.


Mike-Buehler-Ani-400x400 Eric-Alford-Ani400x400 Tony-Pillitiere-400x400 Monti-Knode-Ani-400x400
Mike Buehler
Senior Engineer
Eric Alford
Senior Engineer
Anthony Pillitiere
CTO & Co-founder
Monti Knode
Director of Customer & Partner Success

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